Is There A Real Answer Out There?

Let’s be honest: we live in a hurting world! You may think you are alone in this, or at least in the minority, but rest assured, you are not.

According to statistics, 1 out of 4 girls, and 1 out of 6 boys are sexually abused before reaching age 18. That statistic does not even include other types of trauma or abuse such as war, terrorism, witnessing a violent crime, natural disasters, ritual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or spiritual abuse.

Beyond that, the Bible teaches that not one person on earth is exempt from the ruling and destructive power of sin and death, mankind’s underlying source of pain, anguish, and destroyed hearts and lives.

In short, the whole of humanity is riddled with guilt, shame, uncontrolled anger, and unspeakable emotional pain, while tormented hearts are failing for fear like never before. Depression and suicide are at an all-time high, and substance abuse is at epidemic proportions.

The question honest people are asking themselves, is, “Is there a real answer for the brokenness of humanity? Not just something to help them make it through all the pain and bondage, but a true cure???”

The answer is, YES! 2000 years ago, God provided the means for every person to know true freedom and transformation, all the way down to the very core of their being! He did this by sending Jesus to deal with the underlying source of mankind’s inner anguish, which is sin and death, by bearing our sins and dying for us on the Cross. 3 Days later, He arose in newness of life as Conqueror over it all!

What does the Cross have to do with you and I today? EVERYTHING! Jesus did none of this for Himself, but on our behalf! When we honestly admit to God that we have lived in disobedience to His commands and forsake our old way of living, turning our heart and life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, His New Life enters into us and begins its All-powerful, Transforming Work!

After trying everything from New Age, to eastern religions, to “white” witchcraft, to drugs and alcohol, to “self-help” programs designed to “fix” people, I know by experience, and I am evidence to the fact that, the above Answer is the only True Cure for humanity’s brokenness. Because, deep down beneath it all, the brokenness of humanity is all about a broken relationship with God. There is only one remedy that can bridge that gap and fill the void, and that is Christ crucified, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6)

No matter how broken you are, and no matter how hopeless you may feel, there is a God is Heaven Who passionately loves you, who longs for an intimate relationship with you, Who Alone can fulfill and mend your shattered heart, and has already provided the Way for you.

He already made the first move, at the Cross.

Should you respond by genuinely turning your life over to Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you will have passed from death to life, a New Beginning indeed! Feed your spirit, like a newborn babe, with the milk of the Word (the Bible), and find a strong church that can disciple you in the ways of Christ.

If you struggle with issues originating from past abuse or trauma, Against All Hope Until addresses many common areas of damage caused by abuse, as well as the Answer for them, and integrates principles of strong discipleship from the standpoint of someone who was severely abused.

May God bless you in your pursuit of the Truth.

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  1. …I just ordered your book Kerry. I found my way to your blog and ended up ordering your book. I too struggled with broken relationships all my life and it all stemmed from being sexually abused by my father and uncle and I’ve been in unhealthy relationships all my life. I am finding freedom the more I surrender to our Heavenly Father and I’m hoping to find more once I get through your book. Thank you for sharing your life’s story and I hope and pray that it will be a source of healing for many many of us who have been victimized by abuse as children. May Yahua bless you my sister!

  2. Thank you LehuaBlossoms,

    Sadly, so many of us have been victimized this way and, like you said, it deeply effects our relationships. The good news is that our Heavenly Father is actually drawn to the brokenhearted, yearning to restore our soul. The fact that He gave His Son to accomplish our salvation not only proves this, but reveals His heart of mercy and grace toward us., filling our heart with hope.

    I will keep you in prayer for deep transformation.

  3. Dear LehuaBlossoms,

    Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry to hear of your abuse. I can totally relate with what you are going through. I’m so happy you are finding healing from our Heavenly Father! That is just what He does!!! And, the good work He begins, He also completes, so I am believing with you for more healing!
    Remembering you in prayer…
    Your sister Kerry

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