I grew up in an environment of extreme emotional trauma, including repeated rape by my father from age 2, as well as various types of emotional abuse. This set the stage for further abuse, as well as for developing severe and debilitating PTSD, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other mental strongholds.

Though I became a Christian at age 19, my freedom was gravely limited due to my past. After many years of struggling, while watching my condition grow worse and worse, I concluded that I was simply too damaged for God to fix me in this lifetime. However, that conclusion was erroneous! In the end, my eyes were finally opened to see that the answer for all the ills of humanity were completely and sufficiently addressed at the Cross of Christ 2000 years ago!

The moment my heart began to grasp what Jesus accomplished on my behalf through his death, burial and resurrection, chain after chain began to fall off from my mind, heart and life. In this book I share many of the revelations that were given to my by the Holy Spirit through various dreams, visions, visitations and downloads, which ultimately unveiled my eyes to Christ's Finished Work and led me from a fragmented state to one of wholeness. This account of my Christ-led journey to freedom includes how God even transformed the very traumatic memories themselves, within a remarkable 2 1/2 months, ultimately halting the PTSD altogether! In short, there is no such thing as hopeless for those who grasp and embrace Jesus and what He did on our behalf!