Reality check.

I’m all about facing the truth head on. After many years of repressing my past trauma and denying its devastating effects, I realized denial is a treadmill that goes nowhere. Does anyone else out there relate???   When I finally got painfully honest about my true inward condition, I discovered that Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection was more than sufficient to heal, deliver and transform the whole mess! If you feel stuck in what may feel “hopeless” in your life, you will be encouraged and inspired by the prophetic dreams and visions God gave me to unveil the meaning of the Cross and how to apply it’s restoring Power, documented in my book, Against  All Hope Until… In my book I share these same revelations that set me free from PTSD and related issues, and teach them from scripture in simple terms. People, this world can be devastating, but I tell you, there is a real Answer!   For more info visit

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  1. Yes and Amen, there is an Answer! The Holy Spirit is taking me through a never ending process in removing the scales of denial from my eyes. Eventually, the reality becomes clearer and clearer that the answer to my boredom, emptiness, pain, and suffering as a result of faulty standards from the world, is in the all sufficient power of the cross, death, burial, and ressurection of Jesus Christ. I thank God, He so loved me that He gave me His only Son Jesus as the answer to my life. He is The Truth, The Way, and The Life. As I continue to walk by faith, my Heavenly Father gently shows me and teaches me with His lovingkindness, how to depend on Him and learn how to live by His standards that’s a whole flipside from the worlds. Learning to live by His loving standards keep me from self-destructive behavior and keeps me growing into the whole and complete human being He created me to be in the image and likeness of His perfect Son Christ Jesus.

  2. Thank you Jenelle for your powerful testimony and words of wisdom! I like how you equated denial with blindness….SO TRUE! I’m so excited that you are staying in the Light and allowing God to transform you into the butterfly that you are in Him!

  3. Thank you Kerry for boldly sharing what God has revealed to you concerning the finished work of Jesus at the Cross ! I am starting a journey of facing the pain that I so carefully pushed down so deep in me that I sometimes forget it is even there …deep down….
    I have known the Lord for a long time but I was always “running “ from my pain. I realize that there will be no true freedom until I face this pain head on. You are an inspiration and an encouragement to me. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Bless you !

  4. Your’e welcome Sonia! I totally relate with you on that. I buried my pain and blocked my memories for over half of my life! Facing it was painful and challenging, but much less so than staying imprisoned for my entire life. Thank you for sharing, my courageous friend, and I will be praying for you! God has great things in store for you!

  5. It would take a book to share my testimony as well. My wife “bothers”me to get at it, but I’m not really a writer, I’m an interactor, face to face is where I get cranked. I will share in point form as directed by the Holy Spirit:
    – born into large family, oldest boy, one older sister
    – i was tender hearted and imprinted everything
    – i’m gonna jump around here, it that’s OK….planned on running
    away at 12
    – tough acting as policeman against my schizophrenic Dad….very
    unpredictable but was capable of anything short of murder,
    mostly against my mom
    – grew up very confused, frustrated, anxious, barely controllable
    anger, fearful….etc etc….bouts of depression that slowly became
    my state of being- bom in ’51 at 32 years i came to the end and
    called out to God….
    was to angry to really go anywhere with Him and by my
    upbringing didn’t really know what to do about that……..
    – by this time panic attacks, ID confusion, fits of rage, out of body
    experience, paranoia, disassociation, psychosis… get the
    – lots of stuff for the next many years but God kept me alive, ……
    my praying mother again

    Fast forward to about a decade ago, God in His love arranged for me to meet a fellow that could help me, and decade later I would not have been able to dream who I am now compared to then…

    – i’d be willing to help anyone who’s walking anywhere out there
    close to even this path in desperation and hopelessness, am I
    totally free? As to my disorders gettin’ pretty close, but we’ll all be
    fully free when we see him….
    – one last thing, i got married at 19, had 2 kids, and actually
    supported them throughout this trauma ’cause I had a praying
    mom, and the Hound of Heaven sniffed me down…been married
    for 47 yrs…..for those of you thinkin’ about givin’ up hope…this is
    1/10th of 1% of my journey….that’s how great God is!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow Paul what a powerful testimony! Thank you for sharing with us! Its yet another proof for those who feel their situation is hopeless, that a life surrendered to Christ, in time, becomes beautiful. Please let us know when your book is written!!!!

  7. we r clay in the Masters hands, when we summit, what a Master piece, learning to trust Abba Father, as “Abba” our Heavenly Father. One baby step at a time and leaps of faith =, but we KNOW in WHOM we have believed, and forever grateful for that, and stepping each day into knowing and being with Abba, thank you so very much Kerry for there is so much pain, Abba leads us to Salvation! As we yield is as we become healed. Blessed ToKnow

  8. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, Leah. You touched on the most important revelation we can ever receive (God as our Abba Father), and which heals the deepest places in our heart. I totally agree, trust is the issue, and, for those who have been traumatized, it certainly does take time. There are so many profound nuggets of truth in your post in such a short paragraph…. Just reading it slowly …absorbing…brings such wisdom, peace and hope for broken hearts.

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